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Tri-M Systems

Tri-M Systems was founded by Doug Stead in 1983 as a distributor of embedded electronic modules. Subsequently Tri-M Engineering was established by Doug Stead, Ed Foster and Howard Ho to design and manufacture proprietary high technology products.  In 2010 Tri-M Engineering and Tri-M Systems merged to become what is now Tri-M Technologies. In 2013, Ed Foster, P. Eng., was appointed president of Tri-M Technologies and continues the initiative to develop and build world leading power and backup energy solutions.

Tri-M specializes in providing customers with rugged power solutions for hostile environments.  In addition Tri-M also designs and manufactures other types of rugged embedded systems hardware including CPU boards, I/O and communication modules, and enclosures.  Tri-M products are prominent in many industries; including mobile and intelligent highway, industrial controls and robotics, military and aerospace equipment, medical devices, and advanced security products.  Tri-M products span the land, sea and heavens.

We collaborate with them in recycle field,and achieve great success.

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